“From the moment PGS got in touch with us regarding the workshops, I knew that our students were going to be inspired, educated and challenged. PGS have been supportive and accommodating and very organised. Students took part in three workshops that took place after school. The workshops focused on team work and group skills, independent work, performance skills and script work. The students enjoyed the variety of the workshops and it is always beneficial for students to work and be taught by outside practitioners. The scripts dealt with topical issues that students can relate to and they enjoyed working on sections, performing parts and gaining feedback. The students were a mix of year 9 and 10 and it was good for them to come together and work with new people.
I wish PGS all the best for future programmes and workshops they will run.”
“From watching the students in the school, especially in my form group excel in the ‘True Stories’ drama was incredibly pleasing. The drama not only captivated and engaged all the participating students, but there was genuine excitement and anticipation to view the final product from the vast majority of student within the school. The fact that the staff members who created and facilitated ‘True Stories’ managed to put on a remarkable production within six short weeks is an astonishing achievement in itself”.
“When I first auditioned for True Stories I did not know what to expect and was only signing up because my friends had done so. Over the course of the 6 weeks I thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsals and getting to know my character ‘Destiny’. It was the first time I had done any acting but the workshops really helped me to develop my stage confidence and performance. True stories helped me to understand sensitive issues people my age go through from the stories and it has definitely helped me to learn how to deal with them for the future. Even though I was in Year 11 at the time I performed in True Stories because the play was about a young girl doing her GCSEs I could easily relate to the character. The most beneficial lessons I learnt from ‘True Stories’ were team work, leadership, and commitment.

I would definitely recommend this to any young person because at the end they will very proud of their achievements”.

“The play came at a poignant time in the term when several already low attending students whose attendance was falling below 80% and deteriorating further were given a purposeful and rewarding initiative to participate in. The cast was extremely diverse with gifted and talented, pupils premium, disaffected, SEN students amongst others taking part in the play as well as the aforementioned students. ‘True Stories’ enabled year groups 9 – 11 to partake in the play which was a particular strength of the play. As an Achievement Coordinator for Year 11 the biggest impact for me was to see the attendance for these student approach 90% and above.

The short-term period that these students learnt and perfected their performances was very impressive. This had a positive knock-on effect on achievement were many of those student who were failing were now achieving C grade and above in Maths and English. In terms of interpersonal affect, students worked well with each other from different year groups and with the staff members involved. Consequently, on the night of the final production everything came together brilliantly. If I had the opportunity to do this again in my school I would do True Stories”

‘The taster week run by PGS gave the students an opportunity to explore a variety of issues that are relevant to them as teenagers but they rarely get an opportunity to discuss or have time to consider. My Yr10 Drama group were engaged in all of the activities and keen to give their best performance. Shola was relatable to the students which made for an inclusive environment and enjoyable sessions. I know the students are incredibly keen to work with him again!’
Alice Woodford–Smith, Prendergast Vale Secondary School
“Shola is a charismatic young artist who is expert at working with young people. The year 6 children were excited and highly motivated to express themselves following the well-crafted workshop. They collaborated to produce heart felt and moving pieces of work and were proud to present these to the wider school community. We were delighted to have ‘Afrikan Boy’ at Plumcroft. He made writing fun and meaningful and was an excellent role model, particularly for our children from African families. It was a day of joy, pride, and feeling good.”

Sophie Nicol - Curriculum and Enrichment Co-ordinator, Plumcroft Primary School
PGS came and worked with a group of young people on a curriculum project as part of a 2 year GCSE course in Drama. The workshops, team building exercises, script work and sense of ensemble was superb. Shola’s rapport with the students was inspiring.

The True Stories script combined with the facilitation by PGS made a deep and profound connection with the students which they still refer to. They could relate to the characters and were proud to perform the play. The project not only gave the students the confidence to work as a large ensemble, it raised their aspirations and sense of purpose. I would recommend PGS to any school looking for a holistic approach to developing student confidence and peer relationships through the arts.

It is testament to your work with them that they could express themselves in this way while, at the same time, working so effectively as a group to create brilliant drama. You have clearly made a difference to their lives and it is so obvious that this experience will remain with them for a very long time. No doubt you will continue to influence and inspire young people but I could tell, after today, that Prendergast Ladywell Fields College will remain in your hearts!