Our flagship initiative ‘True Stories Project‘ focuses specifically on numerous issues that young people today are encountering in their everyday lives. The play consists of five friends that have grown up together in London who are faced with a variety of issues including, domestic violence, drug addicted parents, family bereavement and underage relationships.

The play serves to not only raise awareness about all of these serious issues students in today’s generation encounter, but also affords a select amount of young people the opportunity to showcase their talents through drama.


We firstly come into the school to deliver a taster session which can be during curriculum time or after school depending on a school’s preference. This workshop will focus on the students working in small focus groups acting out small segments of the play, discussing issues that are forefront of the drama as well as character building tasks.  These workshops enable you to ascertain if you have an interest in the programme and if it is feasible for the school, as well as allow us to determine if the students in the school have an interest in our programme.


Duration: 6 – 8 weeks
Frequency: 2-3 times a week depending on school timetable and lesson structure.

This model  can be conducted in accordance with your GCSE drama specification and be designed to work as a scheme of work that will allow your students to put on a performance that will count towards their final GCSE drama grade.


Duration: 6 – 8 weeks
Frequency: 2-3 times a week
Length: 60 – 90 mins

The benefits of the extra curricular model are it allows interested pupils who do not specially take GCSE Drama to undertake in a purposeful activity after school.

In both models all students will be allocated an individual copy of the  script at this stage for them to utilise both during and outside rehearsals in preparation for the final production.


The final phase and most rewarding is a celebration/achievement ceremony were all the students that have participated in the play are rewarded and congratulated for their success in the ‘True Stories Project’. This usually takes place within the school and is at the school’s discretion when it is scheduled.


True Stories has been proven to positively impact on the attendance of low-attending students and have an implicit link to the success of participating students GCSE results

Our trained practitioners use a variety of techniques during workshops to identify the causes and then help to find solutions to combat negative behaviour

The ‘True Stories’ initiative helps pupils to tackle and discuss sensitive topics in a safe environment

Help to build group coercion and cohesiveness and in the process assist with breaking up disruptive groups

Give pupils a meaningful after-school project to partake in that helps to curb misguided uses of energy particularly in students from socially deprived backgrounds.